front-porch-red doorI can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven up to a home for sale with clients only to hear them say they don’t even want to go in based on what the house looks like from the driveway. First impressions start right at the curb for most buyers–even before they step into the house. Most often it begins at the front door since it is a big focal point.

Your front door is the anchor of your home, so why not make it fabulous with an inexpensive and easy facelift to make it as appealing as possible? Here are 10 quick and simple tips to help spruce up your entryway:

  1. Don’t be afraid of a blast of color to make a statement. I’m not talking about a yucky neon green door, but rather a gorgeous blue or a captivating barn red. On a white house, an inky black door is a knock out choice that is elegant and never gets tired.
  2. Give your front door a good cleaning and rid it of dust or any grime that’s built up in the crevices. Buff the knob, kick plate, hinges and any hardware so that they shine and are rid of smudges and fingerprints. Wipe glass to a streak-free shine so that it sparkles.
  3. Add a decorative touch with an inviting wreath or swag.
  4. Flank the front door with two planters filled with pretty flowers or small, upright evergreens. After the house is sold you can simply take them with you.
  5. Buy a spiffy new welcome mat to greet buyers in a warm way.
  6. A beautiful door knocker can add a wonderful piece of ornamentation that is like a beautiful piece of jewelry on a pretty woman.
  7. Adding a new entry light is an inexpensive change out that immediately adds perceived value. You could also update an existing outdated brass fixture with a bit of black spray paint for a refreshed look. Check that all the bulbs are in working order, too.
  8.  Make sure your house is clearly marked with fabulous house numbers right at the doorway. Choose a style that fits your home style and can clearly be seen from the street. Beautiful address plaques also offer a chic touch that buyers love.
  9. If your door trim is looking a bit tired or outdated, it isn’t terribly expensive to replace or hard to do even if you are mildly handy. Simply pry off the old trim and head over to your home improvement store for an appropriate replacement. There are even pre-cut pieces available that don’t require any fancy mitering or tools. Just make sure the style trim you use matches your home.
  10. Don’t overlook the metal or wood railing leading up to your front door, too. Make sure this is also in great shape and paint or stain it so that it also looks as grand as your front door. There’s no sense in putting lipstick on a pig and sprucing up the front door and ignore the features immediately around the entrance.